R710 - Kenwood RC-D710 Interface

Now Taking Orders!

  • The R710 is a new plug and play interface for the RC-D710 APRS control head, as well as the standard control head from an D710 APRS radio. This interface gives you an easy way to power and interface D710 control head to ANY radio for APRS use. You no longer are forced to use a Kenwood specific radio to use your D710 head.

How is this different from the Kenwood version interface?

  • Our kit has the popular PowerPole connector for DC power input!
  • With the included 6 pin minidin to minidin cable, our interface will plug directly into any radio that has a standard minidin packet port!
  • This version comes in an extremely tough extruded, aluminum housing. Perfect for rough mobile environments
  • At $60, our interface kit is on average $20 less than the Kenwood brand kit

    Included with the Kit:
  • RPC RC-D710 Interface Box
  • 10 Foot CAT5 Cable
  • Male to Male Mini Din Cable
  • One PowerPole Connector Kit

RC-D710 Remote Interface Kit - RD710RMK
$60.00 + Shipping