Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you make a cable for my USB GPS that connects to my APRS Radio/Device?

A: No. The USB protocol is known as a master/slave protocol. The typical setup would be the USB device and a computer. One half is dumb and the other is smart. Unfourtunately, the smart end is usally the computer running a specific device driver for that GPS. Common devices like the Kenwood D7/700 radios, OpenTracker, TinyTrak and HamHUD depend on serial communications since there is no real dependancy on the device to control the GPS.
Q: What is the cost of a tracker/radio interface cable?

A: $20-25

We offer two kinds of Tracker/TNC cables:

Tracker Cables: These include connections for the radio and power option to power the tracker. Power options include Lighter Plug, Pigtail with installed PowerPole connector and Bare End Pigtail. A cable with a lighter plug or PowerPole costs $25 per cable. A bare end pigtail power cable costs $20 per cable.

TNC Cables: We also have a TNC to radio only cable that do not need a power option. These cables cost $25 each.
Q: Will you attend our hamfest?

A: We might! Email us and ask. It all depends on how close you are to us and if we don't already have a hamfest scheduled for that date.
Q: Can you make me a certain cable?

A: Email us and ask at We will do our best to get right back to you.
Q: What is the deal on pre-ordering high priced items?

A: We try to keep these items in stock, but at times, due to the cost to manufacture, we can't hang on to this extra inventory until there is a need for it. As always, if you have a doubt, please email us and inquire about availability.