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Blue Point Adapter Board

Our new Blue Point Adapter is a solder-on (yes, it has to be soldered) adapter board that adds a screw terminal block to Blue Point manual turnout controller. Once soldered on, you'll never have to solder to the switch contacts again. Utilizes both sides of the built-in DPDT switch for whatever function you need ie. frog power routing, light controls, signal detection, ect. Scared of soldering? Don't fret, for a couple dollars more per board, you can send your Blue Points to us and we'll solder the boards on for you. Just purchase your boards and then send us your Blue Points. We'll install and have them back in the mail in 3-5 business days. These boards are small and don't take up any more space than the Blue Point it'self. There is even a solder pad included on the top side to jumper the common pins of the DPDT switch, if you need it!

Blue Point Adapter (You Install) - $3.00 + Shipping --- Part #MRRBPA-YI

Blue Point Adapter (We Install) - $5.00 + Shipping --- Part #MRRBPA-WI

After placing your order to have us install the board, pack your Blue Points up and ship to:
RPC Electronics, LLC
Attn: Blue Point Installs
2829 Crossings Dr.
Chesapeake, VA 23321