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Serial Communication Tools

  • SerialStat V2

    Serial communications monitor/tester

$8.00 + Shipping --- Part #RSS-2

  • RS232 Patcher

    Custom serial patching module. Making custom serial line patches are a snap with this handy little module. Standard 0.1" spaced headers can accept a standard wire wrapping tool to make the connections. Great for prototyping or temporary interfacing.

$8.00 + Shipping --- Part #RPTCH

  • TTL-RS232 Bridge

    - Translates TTL and RS232 serial data bi-directionally
    - Two complete channels
    - On-board 5V regulator and filtering capacitors
    - Screw terminal blocks make connections quick and easy, without need for soldering
    - Can be powered with +9-20VDC
    - Regulated +5VDC available at terminal for external use

$20.00 + Shipping --- Part #RTTLRS232B