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ESP32-APRS Tracker

The ESP32-APRS Tracker is an all new APRS Tracker meant for the 21st century. We started with the powerful ESP32 WROOM module and built the platform on it's vast array of built-in peripherals. Adding a high quality, fast locking GPS, sensors and other devices, we have created a small form factor, feature rich APRS Tracker/Digipeater/iGate/Modem that will fit your APRS operating needs.
Key Features:
  • Based on the ESP32 WROOM Module
  • 1200 Baud AFSK Packet
  • Fully APRS Compatiable
  • Feature-rich APRS Tracker
  • Smart APRS Digipeater Function
  • APRS iGate (through WIFI)
  • On-Board GPS Receiver (SMA Antenna Connector)
  • MiniDIN Radio Interface (Industry standard pinout)
  • On-board sensors for voltage, current, temperature, hummidity and pressure (all reportable as APRS telemetry)
  • USB-C Connector for power, programming and external hardwire interfacing
  • KISS over Bluetooth (Tested with APRSDroid Android and iOS applications
  • Configuration through simple text file using built-in editor
  • Future Web-Based Configuration
  • Robust "multi-modem" decoding technique
  • Small (62mm x 38mm), Lightweight (4 Oz.) and Draws Minimal Current (Typically less than 80 mA)
  • CR2032 Backup Battery for the GPS Catalog Data (Fast cold start position lock)
Watch a video of the paper written/presented by Jason Rausch K4APR on the ESP32-APRS Tracker at the 2022 TAPR Digital Communications Conference (Note: The part of transmit audio problems have been fixed!):

User's Manual Download:

ESP32-APRS Tracker Manual

Purchase Price Includes:

  • ESP32-APRS Tracker
  • USB-C Cable
  • Magnetic GPS Patch Antenna

ESP32-APRS Tracker - $95.00 + Shipping --- Part #ESP32TRACKER

Optional 3D Printed Case - $10.00 + Shipping --- Part #ESP32TRKCASE