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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happened to the amateur radio products?

A: It's pretty simple. They were not selling anymore and we had to make a decision to put the time and effort into products that people want. For us, that has become the model railroad market, as well as the CNC and hobby electronics markets. We may bring back select amateur radio products, if the demand is there. We haven't closed the book, just ended the chapter.
Q: Where is the DigiBox? Can I still order one?

A: The DigiBox was a complete sales failure. We initially had over 100 people waiting to place an order. When we put it up for pre-sale, we received five orders. After that, only a few more trickled in. The DigiBox was the result of two years of development and thousands of dollars in prototypes, machining, set-up fees, ect. It was by far our most ambitious and most failed product. The DigiBox delivered in every aspect that we promised. It wasn't the result of bad "press" or lack of meeting the expectations. People simply did not order it, even when it was available and ready to ship. Having said that, we have several units, still in stock and ready to go in the mail. If you are looking for one, please contact us through our contact email
Q: Will you attend our show/conference?

A: We might! Email us and ask. It all depends on how close you are to us and if we don't already have a show scheduled for that date.
Q: Can you make me a certain cable?

A: Email us and ask at We will do our best to get right back to you.
Q: What is the deal on pre-ordering high priced items?

A: We try to keep these items in stock, but at times, due to the cost to manufacture, we can't hang on to this extra inventory until there is a need for it. As always, if you have a doubt, please email us and inquire about availability.