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Mini PCP for NCE PowerCab

Our Mini PCP is a replacement/additional panel for the panel that comes with the NCE PowerCab throttle. We designed with size and function in mind, while keeping the price low. Just like the standard panel, ours features a front panel jack for the PowerCab and a rear cab bus jack for adding more standard panels to your system. In addition to the power LED, we added an LED to show DCC activity on the panel. Now at a glance you know a DCC signal is present. The Mini PCP is perfect for modelers with multiple layouts that do not want to swap their stock panel back and fourth. Add one of ours to every layout and simply plug/unplug your PowerCab with freedom!
Comes with a labeled front fascia panel for easy mounting using four screws.

Mini PCP - $12.00 + Shipping --- Part #MINIPCPV1