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Multi-Track Monitor Panel

The Multi-Track Monitor panel is a compact, easy way to monitor the presence of DCC or the polarity of DC on up to four mainline tracks. This panel was designed for standard modules that have four mainlines, but can be used in an track application where four sections of track need to be monitored. Simply connect the main bus wiring to one of the four channels and have an instant visual status of the track. Each channel has a bi-color red/green LED. When DCC is present, the LED will glow orange. When used on DC, the LED will be either green or red depending on the DC polarity of the track it is connected to. Comes standard with black/white fascia panel plate that easily mounts into your bench work for a clean, professional look!
Wiring Guide
Drilling Template

Multi-Track Monitor Panel - With Fascia Plate - $12.00 + Shipping --- Part #MRRMTM